Staircase Panel Metal Custom Designs Balcony Panels

Staircase Panel  Metal Custom Designs Balcony Panels
  • Item #: SC1
  • Manufacturer: AJD Designs Inc.
  • Condition: New
All Of our Products are Laser cut from 3/16 thick Steel Plate and Powder Coated with a Mini Textured Exterior Black Finish. They all fit the 4 inch maxium opening code. Our Standard Panels are Flat Steel Panels with the designs cut out of them. Our Bordered panels are our flat panels with a 3/16 thick x 2 inch wide flat bar welded around the outside with screw holes in them for mounting. Our Easy Fit panels use our 30 inch panels with a 1 x 2 rectangular tubing welded to the top and bottom and when installed 4 inches off the floor produce a 36 inch railing. The Staircase Panels are only samples of others that we have done for other customers. It would be unusal for your staircase panel to be the same measurements as the ones listed. These are listed just to give customers and ideal of the price of staircase panels.
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