Easy Fit Railing Info

Our Easy Fit Railings arrive complete and ready to install between your posts.

We use 1 x 2 inch rectangular steel tubing as your toe rail; a 30 inch Standard Panel, and a 1 x 2 inch rectangular steel tubing as your top rail and 2 inch wide end plates with screw holes.  The total height when mounted 4 inches off the floor is 36 inches tall. 

The Easy Fit Railings can be custom ordered almost any height or length.

Contact us to discuss your custom needs.  The pictures below are all Easy Fit Railings including a close up view below. 

We greatly appriciate it when customers send us pictures of their installed panels!

Pictured below is a look at a finished Easy Fit Railing: 

Below we see the pattern used to create the Easy Fit Railing above "30x120 Loons Cattails Mountains". 


And now pictured is a finished and installed Easy Fit Railing shown overlooking a lake in Alaska.





 Easy Fit Panels arrive complete and ready to install between your posts.

For custom ordering, or to ask questions, please call 731.499.2951 or email us!